There’s an ingredient that you may be surprised to hear wellness experts are now getting behind and that’s butter. Popularised by Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey, and thereafter the masses of Paleo eaters, it’s rich and creamy taste is becoming widely recognised to give off tremendous energy for extended periods.

Initially inspired by yak butter tea, a traditional Tibetan drink, Asprey set out to create an optimised version including “upgraded” coffee beans harvested to reduce the occurrence of mycotoxins (that’s another very long story), unsalted grass-fed butter and MCT oil, extracted from coconut oil, which is then all blended together into a frothy, latte-like consistency. And tons of Bulletproof-style variations now exist. Many people use their own coffee or coconut oil instead of MCT, since it’s easier to find and much cheaper.

Those who drink it instead of a traditional breakfast tend to report serious improvements in energy, less hunger pangs and sharp focus in the workplace. Despite butter’s bad-boy reputation in years past, high-quality butter is now seen as a superfood by some nutritionists and functional physicians due to its high concentration of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which has also been shown to reduce belly fat, enhance weight loss, and boost heart health. Drinking Bulletproof-style coffee is a great stepping stone to get people to be a little more receptive to healthy saturated fat.


So we’ve jumped on the bandwagon too and are serving what is becoming a very popular “Wham” consisting of a double shot of espresso, coconut oil and butter blended together with frothed milk. And if you happen to taste ours and like it, share a photo online of your cuppa using #MyHPc. Enjoy!