Eilon Paz has just published his debut 416-page coffee-table book, Dust & Grooves, revealing over 130 vinyl collectors and their collections in the intimate environment of their record rooms. Mesmerizing photographic essays team in-depth interviews to illustrate what motivates record collectors to keep digging. Giving readers an extensive insight into the passion behind collecting, the book is divided into two parts: the first featuring 250 full-page photos framed by captions and select quotes, and the second consisting of 12 full-length interviews that delve deep into collectors’ personal histories and vinyl troves.

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David Fox Caldwell’s collection in his Aikei Pro’s Records Shop in Holly Springs, Mississippi (it took an hour just to clear away enough boxes to get inside)


Afrika Bambaataa’s collection of 43,000-plus records, alphabetized for Cornell University Library’s Hip Hop Collection, New York City